Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cuttlebug C Plate

This is C plate to be used with cuttlebug machine.
This is not an acrylic plate. Its the same material as what provocraft company uses. and same quality too.

Why this plate instead of acrylic??
I have spoken to some of my friends overseas who are craft experts and have been using various die cutting machines. And according to them if you use acrylic plates than every time you run it through the machine it releases some dust which over the time gets accumulates in roller machine and hence causing problems in machine.
Which is why I took efforts to find the same material as parent company and I m pleased to give it to u too..

Also this plate comes with protective covering on both sides of plate so this plate comes without any scratch or dust when u receive it.
Simply peel off plastic from both sides and wipe off ur plate with a damp cloth and its good to go!!!
Price: Rs. 350/- per C plate
         Rs. 600/- for 2 plates.

Magnetic Sheets to Store Nestabilities & Dies

This is the metallic sheet used to store ur nestabilities and other dies.

simply cut a strip or square piece from the sheet as u like n than put it either in CD case or in a folder and u will never loose ur die..

There are 2 different sizes available.

This is 8" * 12" sheet
Price: Rs. 120/- per sheet

This one is 4" * 12" sheet
Price: Rs. 60/- per sheet.

I have taken this picture specially holding magnetic sheet in my hand with dies attached so u know that dies do not fall off.