Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plastic Bags For Cards n Storage

These are varieties of plastic bags which u can use to protect ur envelopes, cards or simply keep ur embellishments in it.

3.5 by 7.5 inch Resealable bags for envelopes
Price: Rs. 15/- for 10 bags

5 by 6.5 inch Resealable bags for cards
Price: Rs. 15/- for 10 bags

A4 size Resealable bags for papers
Price: Rs. 20/- for 10 bags

13 by 16 inch Resealable bags
Price: Rs. 40/- for 10 bags
These can be used to save all 12 by 12 patterned papers

5 by 7 zip lock bags for cards n storage
Price: Rs. 20/- for 10 bags

2 by 3 inch zip lock bags for storage of embellishments or any tiny things
Price: Rs. 10/- for 20 bags

Lot of different sizes are available. Just ask if u r looking for any specific size. 
Discount for qty of more than 100 pcs of one type

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fine Tip Glue Applicator Bottle

You know sometimes even a little bit more of glue can change look of ur work especially if u r obsessive quiller like me.. so I had been looking for this since quite some time.. n now i have one for u guys too.
It gives u real tiny drop of glue perfect for those tiny pearls n stones as well..
This is close up of tip. n its metal tip so no worry about breaking too.
Price Rs. 130/- per bottle