Thursday, December 1, 2011


We have some good news for you today...

But before i share the good news let me tel u something else..
Most of u know me Dr. Neha gala..
but there is another face of A1 craft supply.. the hard working face.. one who packs all ur parcels n dispatches them.. also finds brillinat idea like putting a smiley on parcel so our customer smiles even before u open it.. He is Mr. Vikram Shah..
we have been together for quite some time now... n finally we are getting engaged on 8th of this december..yayyyyyyyyy.... i found my true love..:x पहला प्यार:"> लाल चेहरा:x पहला प्यार:x पहला प्यार:"> लाल चेहरा:x पहला प्यार:"> लाल चेहरा:x पहला
 प्यार:"> लाल चेहरा:x पहला प्यार:"> लाल चेहरा

Also both of our birthdays come in december.. so its like triple celebration for us.. this year is gonna end well for us...

and so to celebrate this happiness with crafters all over india we are offering  

This free shipping will be given to all those who place an order with us from today till 31st of december midnight..

Also at the end of month we will have a lucky draw.. All the customers who place order will be entered for this lucky draw.. We havent decided on prize yet.. but we will decide soon n let u know..

There are certain conditions to the free shipping. please read them before placing an order:
1. It cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.
2. minimum purchase order has to be of Rs. 500/-
3. all pre-order items are  not eligible for free shipping.
4. all plastic storage boxes are excluded from this offer due to product requiring extra packaging n handling charges.
5. there will be no exchange or refunds once u place an order n confirm with us.
6. bulk or wholesale orders are also excluded from this offer.

7. Shilpi Products are excluded from this offer. 
8. Domestic and local area only covered in free shipping (No International). 

Hope to see all of you taking advantage of our offer n sharing our happiness...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Diwali Sale

hurraaaayy crafters!!!

We are having diwali sale starting today 22nd October. We are a little late but that is why we are going to extend it too. This sale will run till 5th November.
Any orders placed during this period will get 15% off total excluding shippin charges.
Please note this sale is not applicable on shilpi products.
Also any amount of order placed during this offer period will not be eligible for free shipping or discounted shipping.

So start surfing the blog and stock up on your favorite papers, punches, ribbons, patterned papers n lot more items from blog.


SALE IS OVER... :( :(

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plastic Bags For Cards n Storage

These are varieties of plastic bags which u can use to protect ur envelopes, cards or simply keep ur embellishments in it.

3.5 by 7.5 inch Resealable bags for envelopes
Price: Rs. 15/- for 10 bags

5 by 6.5 inch Resealable bags for cards
Price: Rs. 15/- for 10 bags

A4 size Resealable bags for papers
Price: Rs. 20/- for 10 bags

13 by 16 inch Resealable bags
Price: Rs. 40/- for 10 bags
These can be used to save all 12 by 12 patterned papers

5 by 7 zip lock bags for cards n storage
Price: Rs. 20/- for 10 bags

2 by 3 inch zip lock bags for storage of embellishments or any tiny things
Price: Rs. 10/- for 20 bags

Lot of different sizes are available. Just ask if u r looking for any specific size. 
Discount for qty of more than 100 pcs of one type

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fine Tip Glue Applicator Bottle

You know sometimes even a little bit more of glue can change look of ur work especially if u r obsessive quiller like me.. so I had been looking for this since quite some time.. n now i have one for u guys too.
It gives u real tiny drop of glue perfect for those tiny pearls n stones as well..
This is close up of tip. n its metal tip so no worry about breaking too.
Price Rs. 130/- per bottle

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A4 size felt cloth

Presenting to all u crafter is 12 different colours in felt. Its available in A4 size in following colours
Peacock Blue 
Dark Green
Light Green


Baby Blue

Rs.350/- A4 size of all 12 colors.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colored Eyelets

New Small and Big Golden Eyelets

Big Eyelets
Price: Rs. 25/-for 50 pieces
Small Eyelets
Price: Rs. 25/-for 50 pieces

We all are always looking for those colorful eyelets to give that last touch to or card n scrapbooks.. arent we??

So here we are presenting colored eyelets to u.

These are big eyelets.
Outer diameter: 10mm   Inner diameter: 6mm
Each pack will contain 10 eyelets of variety of 17 colors i.e. 170 pieces in total
it includes almost all colors u can imagine in eyelet.
Price: Rs. 80/- for each pack [170 pcs]

Small eyelets
Outer diameter: 7mm    Inner diameter: 4mm
Each pack will contain 10 eyelets of 16 colors i.e. 160pieces in total
it includes almost all colors u can imagine in eyelet.
Price: Rs. 60/- for each pack [160 pcs]

Both these eyelets go perfectly with our Indian eyelet setter tool.
We are proud to say that we are one of the supplier giving maximum colors in eyelet possible as of now.